AES and Sting alarm have an offer for you.

The Smartest Home Security System In Town

Sting Alarm uses the latest and safest security technology. Smart home technology allows you to control and automate your home. Our security panels and smart home app both feature bank-grade encryption, so you don’t have to sacrifice security for convenience. With smart features like AI facial-recognition, you can be notified of unauthorized users, so even if somebody gets a hold of your code, you’re always in the know, giving you an extra layer of protection. Learn more about how Sting Alarm’s smart home security systems can upgrade your home and improve your life.

  • Smart Cameras

Traditional home security cameras are great for watching what happened after the fact, but smart home security cameras provide you with real-time alerts of suspicious activity before disaster strikes

  • Smart Energy

Reduce waste and high energy bills with smart thermostats & lighting! Enjoy the benefits of control and comfort, while making a positive impact on your home’s energy efficiency.

  • Smart Locks

We take the worry out of being in a hurry. Never forget to close the garage and lock the door again, with smart features like geo-location detection and automated scenes that will lock up for you.


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