Can Renewable Solar Energy Replace Gas and Oil

February 24, 2021
Posted in Solar Energy
February 24, 2021 Dan

People want to know just how much they can save off of their utilities bill before making the decision to get solar panels installed on their homes. So naturally we are frequently asked, “Besides electricity, can renewable solar energy replace our oil and gas consumption?”

  • The short answer is, “no”, however, there are workarounds if you are truly interested in lowering your gas bill and your carbon footprint. You can still bring your gas bill down to $0 and make your entire home be powered by solar energy if you are committed to the cause.

If you are interested in getting more value out of your solar panels, consider the following. Instead of solar panels that can replace oil and gas, you can just change out the fuel source of your appliances that are gas powered and replace them with an electric option. These appliances can then be powered by your home’s solar panels, thus reducing both your electric and gas bills. Everything from your water heater, furnace, oven and even your dryer can be powered by electricity instead. By making these changes, your household can reduce its negative impact on the earth and begin to fully run off of 100% sustainable energy sources. If you are overwhelmed by these changes, just know that you don’t need to make all of these adjustments all at once. As your appliances start to age and need replacing, consider their electric alternatives as a replacement so you can really start getting the most out of your solar power.

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