Consolidated Mortgage Refinance

AES’ Energy Freedom Mortgage is what sets us apart.

We have created a comprehensive residential energy package that flips traditional solar financing to truly benefit the consumer. AES’s allows for new home and existing home owners to select adding solar and battery storage to their mortgage. We allow homeowners to amortize there payment over 30 years while using historically low, federally backed rates. The result is a lower mortgage payment, and a non-existent energy bill.


Finance companies are taking your federal tax credit and state incentive money and using it to pay down their exorbitant and mostly hidden dealer fees.

Unlike traditional solar financing methods, the Energy Freedom Program is designed to be completely transparent. AES offers a 0% dealer fee solar loan that can be wrapped into an Energy Freedom Mortgage Refinance. There are no hidden fees, penalties or sudden payment adjustments.

We have options for both new and existing customers that differentiate us from all other existing payment plans or financing options.


AES’ Energy Freedom Mortgage allows new customers the ability to wrap their solar equipment, energy storage and installation costs into their homes refi. This type of refi allows AES to provide the customer with the unbeatable pricing AND the option to keep 100% of their Federal Tax Incentives and State Rebates.


  • Save up to 23% in hidden dealer fees on equipment and installation
  • Keep 100% of federal and state incentives that typically range between $10,000 and $20,000+ in year 1
  • Lower your mortgage payment
  • Consolidate mortgage and energy costs into one lowered payment
  • Sell your home as an energy independent property with no solar loan attached
  • Convert Energy Costs into a tax write off


If you have added solar to your home and have gone through conventional financing then unfortunately you are in a bad deal. AES can fix that by taking your existing loan and wrapping it into the Energy Freedom Mortgage. We will also add an Energy Storage system to optimize your solar array and put immediate cash in your pocket.


  • Eliminate the APR on the current solar loan
  • Eliminate Solar loan and consolidate into a lowered mortgage payment
  • Receive Cash Rebates for adding the Energy Storage System ($2,780+) *Varies by region
  • Sell your home as an energy independent property with no solar loan attached
  • Convert Energy Costs into a tax write off