Deciding whether to ‘go solar’ can be a daunting and expensive task.  Every person’s situation is different, and some may question if the expense is worth the installation in the long term.  To be fully transparent to our base, American Energy and Solar (AES) built a solar mortgage calculator that gives estimates on your system size, energy usage, loan amount, potential savings and more! All without even contacting an AES expert.

Use our calculator to quickly estimate your savings after transitioning to solar.  AES takes advantage of today’s low interest rates and couples your remaining home mortgage with your solar loan. The result is a lower monthly mortgage payment and a negligible energy bill, saving you money.  Our refinance program gives you financial freedom while adding value to your home with state-of-the-art equipment that will optimize your household energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint.


This tool gives estimates based on information you provide.  All resulting values are approximations, although we try to provide data that is as accurate as possible.  We use Zillow to calculate your new interest rate in today’s current market.

American Solar Mortgage Calculator


Interested in learning more about solar? Check out our Ultimate Solar Guide or AES FAQ for more information.