Grid Tiered vs Off Grid PV Panels

February 3, 2021
Posted in Solar Energy
February 3, 2021 Dan

PV panels (Solar Panels) capture the suns energy and convert it into usable electricity.  The most common PV panel system is the grid-connected system. In other words, most solar systems are connected to the national grid.  With this type of system, you have the option of consuming the electricity supplied by your local grid at night when your panels are not working to convert sunlight into electricity. Moreover, if your system generates more electricity than consumed by your household, you can sell the surplus back to the grid, effectively making a profit from your panel installation.

The second type of PV panel system is the stand-alone system, or off-grid PV system.  The off-grid PV system is one that is not connected to the national grid. In this instance, homeowners would add solar batteries to the system so electricity can be stored and later used during night-time hours.  This type of system can be very useful in remote areas where there is no alternative source of electricity. To learn more about off-grid solar system, check out Clean Energy Reviews article, ‘Best Off Grid Solar System!’

Technology in the solar power industry is constantly advancing and trends suggests improvements will intensify in the upcoming years. Between the advancements in solar panel technology, and an increase in competitive pricing within the solar panel industry, solar energy is becoming the main source of energy for more and more families.  If you’re considering installing a solar panel system, you’ve probably already had your share of exposure to solar marketing.

To make the right decision for your home, you need to be able to distinguish between the real pros and cons of solar energy and the solar myths that are sometimes communicated in the media. If you’re interested in installing a solar system in your home, or if you’re wondering if solar might be the right move for you, feel free to contact us! We would love to walk you through the benefits of solar and if it would be the right move for you and your needs.

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