New Solar Financing Options for Nevada Homeowners

January 13, 2021
Posted in Solar Energy
January 13, 2021 Dan

American Energy and Solar (AES), a Nevada-based leader in rooftop solar adoption, announced an alliance between themselves and Guild Mortgage, a titan in their industry with 60 years in business. Together they are offering the Energy Freedom Program built to allow the consumer to retain all the benefits and incentives of going solar by eliminating hidden fees and multiple bills. AES’s initial focus is to bring solar to Las Vegas, but will continue to expand to states across the country.

The Energy Freedom Mortgage allows new home buyers to select adding solar and battery storage at the time of their home purchase. The cost of that enhancement is added to the total cost of the mortgage allowing the homebuyers to amortize that payment over 30 years while using Federally backed rates. A second key feature allows existing homeowners to refinance their home at lower rates while adding a rooftop solar system to their home.

“The choice to go solar has become a smart financial decision at this point,” said American Energy and Solar CEO, Dan Briggs. “When you cut the hidden fees and deliver a straightforward proposal the financial returns are significant to the consumer. And to have a partner like Becca Green and Guild Mortgage on our side just reinforces that value.”

American Energy and Solar has made it their focus to eliminate the misinformation surrounding the rooftop solar industry. Comprised of a team of renewable energy veterans AES’s mission is to make an impact that positively affect lives in Southern Nevada.

“When I chose to put rooftop solar on my house it was an eye-opening experience. Every pitch was the same and every proposal minimized the positive impact going solar should have,” said Tony Paoli, President of American Energy and Solar. “It was right then I knew we need to expand into residential and present a better path for consumers.”

In addition to developing the Energy Freedom Plan, AES has created a proprietary Solar Calculator. Available on their website, and free for everyone to use, this Solar Calculator allows people to enter some basic information and see immediate results. Developed over the course of several months this was a priority to AES in order to empower the everyday consumer to check the impact of going solar.

About American Energy and Solar

American Energy and Solar (AES) is a consumer-focused aggregator of renewable energy and finance. AES is revolutionizing the residential rooftop solar market with best in class technology and transparent mechanisms for funding. Through their proprietary Energy Freedom Program, they have created a comprehensive residential energy package that flips traditional solar financing to benefit the consumer as opposed to the installer.


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