The Advantages of Solar Batteries

January 27, 2021
Posted in Solar Energy
January 27, 2021 Dan

Either if you already have solar panels, or you’re looking to install a solar system, you want to get the most from you’re new purchase.   Installing solar battery storage for excess electricity generated by your panels is a great way to improve your electricity generation performance throughout the day.

Some Advantages of Solar Batteries Include:

  1. Increased Energy Storage 

One of the biggest caveats with solar systems is its inability to produce electricity at night.  On a typical PV system, the electricity generated for the home at night comes from their national grid (this is specifically for grid-tiered solar systems), adding to the energy bill.  A battery allows for excess solar storage, thus never needing energy supplied from the national grid.

  1. Increased Energy Security  

The ability to store energy allows you to be less dependent on the grid for additional power. If you live in a place that experiences frequent brownouts or has a decaying energy infrastructure, solar batteries can help insulate you from the consequences of poor grid management. You move to greater self-sufficiency and are more in control of your energy destiny. This is great for people who are in remote areas where electricity is less accessible or for those looking to get off the grid.

  1. Environmentally Friendly  

The national grid generates most of its electricity from coal power plants and other fossil fuels.  By completely transferring to solar energy production, you are using the most environmentally friendly energy on market today.  Your solar power system will continue to use fewer resources throughout the year while producing little to no waste and pollution. Because of advances in photovoltaic technology, panels create less pollution than fossil fuels during their comparative lifetime uses.

  1. Smaller Electricity Bill 

As you become less dependent on grid energy sources, your energy bill will drastically decrease.  After switching to solar, many homeowners see a drastic decrease in their energy bill, while others see their energy bill completely disappear.  For others, their system generates more power than they can consume. In these circumstances, the homeowner has the option of selling their excess electricity to the national grid, thus making more money off their solar system. For more information about Solar Battery Benefits, check out energysage’s article, ‘The Advantages of Solar Battery Installation.’


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